Casey Mink violinist

"Seeking to preserve and further the Classical and Americana violin traditions"

Rock Hill violinist and violin teacher for children

Casey quickly determined my son’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to violin and began correcting the weak points and building on his strengths. He built a good rapport with my son who soon learned to trust Casey and look forward to the lessons and completing his violin assignments. My son’s skills improved significantly to the point that at the end of the school year he was able to perform at a recital with other more advanced students. It was a great experience for him. I strongly and without hesitation recommend Casey as a violin teacher in particular for children.
— Brad Johnson, parent

What you will experience at a lesson:

Besides being fun and active,  music lessons with Casey are conducted in a nurturing and affirming environment based on the Suzuki method. (The best time to begin violin lessons for children is ages 4-6, depending on the individual.  For a PBS article about the benefits music lessons can have on a young child's learning development, click here.) In addition to learning how to play the violin, student develop crucial life skills such as attention to detail, sensitivity to the world around us, how to listen, commitment and follow through, artistry, delayed gratification and fine motor skills. 

For individual lessons, one parent and Casey will be present at the lesson--parents will be learning how to help their child at home to ensure the child has the most educationally rich environment as possible. Emphasis is placed on right and left hand technique, body balance and movement (the Alexander Technique), ear training, and reading music.

For group lessons, kids of similar ability levels get an opportunity to experience the inspirational social dynamic of music making. We come together to play music games, perform for each other, learn how to play songs together, and reinforce concepts learned in individual study.

Lessons are given at the Westminster Academy of the Arts in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Most beginner lessons are 30 minutes and group lessons are 45 minutes.

To begin lessons for you or child, please contact Casey here.


VIDEO: Student-Teacher Duet (w/ Pan Pan, 6 yrs old)


Teaching Photos-individual lessons


Violin lessons with a 4 year-old student


Violin lessons with a 10 year-old student


Violin lessons with a 6 year-old student



group lessons